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The Process

You’ve made the decision to design and/or build a home. Where do you start?

1. Contact Us

Early planning is often overlooked, it is never to soon to talk with us!


Ask yourself some basic questions:

-What styles do you like?

-What do you want in a home?

-What is your budget?

We can help you know what considerations you need to think about and get you headed in the right direction.

2. Design

You have contacted us and are on the right track 


Now is a good time to, collect ideas

Wherever you can find inspiration! Put together a list of wants and needs, compile a board of photos, take pictures of what you like, etc..

*Set up a consultation and let us help you implement your ideas into a design, specific to you

Time Frame- Figure out when

you would like to begin construction as well as your goal for completion.


Gain a basic understanding of your home's value, look at comparable homes in your area. If needed, plan how you will finance. 

3. Time Frame

4. Construction

Time to break ground & get excited! We pride ourselves on our open communication throughout the process. Enjoy each stage as your dream comes to life!

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